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Frequently Asked Questions

Just like $1 can be divided into 100 cents, 1 Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million satoshi so 1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshi or Sat for short.

In the near future people will deal in satoshi, not the whole Bitcoin, that is why you do not need to invest in the whole Bitcoin but you can get 1,000,000 satoshis by this avoiding the assumption that Bitcoin is actually expensive and coins are cheaper while in reality, they are not.

Bitcoin does not require any registration, it will not ask you for any document or certificate.

A wallet is a device, physical medium, program, or service which stores your private keys. In addition to this basic function of storing the keys, they more often also offer the functionality of sending and receiving Bitcoin.


No one can advice you what to do with your money and how to position them, however i highly encourage to read, educate yourself on money before investing in BTC.

Please ask more knowledgeable bitcoin users and double check sources , once you feel confident enough that you understand this monetary system you can try dipping your toes with small amounts and build your position from there.

Just stay away from quick gains schemes such as “online mining” “cloud mining” and anything that offers 100% returns in a very short time, if it’s too good to be true then it’s a scam.


On October 31, 2008, someone under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto published a whitepaper on a cryptography mailing list. That event changed the history of money and left us all wondering about the mastermind behind it. Over the years, many journalists and bloggers have tried to unveil the shadow cast on the creator of Bitcoin without much luck. There have been a lot of candidates, some of them even self-nominated. However, none have given definitive proof of their claims, so we are still searching for the person behind the mystery that gave humanity one of its biggest gifts of the century.

Bitcoin is volatile, however, it can be potentially a good store of value for the future.

With Bitcoin, you can send money to your family fast and efficiently for as low as $1 per transaction regardless of the amount within 10min.

Many of them claim to be faster, better, and more flexible than Bitcoin however the basic fundamentals of Bitcoin principle monetary policy are unprecedented and by now it is impossible to replicate its level of decentralization. I would highly advise to avoid them