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Welcome to April's Digest! Here are selected picks from March 2022 for you to dive into! enjoy and share it with your friends

Announcing Taro: A New Protocol for Multi-Asset Bitcoin and Lightning 🍠💱🌍
Today we’re excited to announce Taro, a new Taproot-powered protocol for issuing assets on the bitcoin blockchain that can be transferred over the…
The 19 Millionth Bitcoin Has Been Mined: Why It Matters
With less than two million bitcoin left to be mined, Bitcoin’s limited supply has just gotten even more limited...
r/Bitcoin - I’M ALL IN: Bitcoin & The Exponential Age.
653 votes and 196 comments so far on Reddit
Inalienable Property Rights - The Law, Language, Money, and Morality of Bitcoin |
If speech and the free exercise thereof is sacred, then Bitcoin is sacred, because all that Bitcoin requires of you is to think and to speak.
Bitcoin Is Not Your Typical Investment
Heads They Win, Tails You Lose. You’ve been told you should be investing in stocks & bonds — a game full of world-class professionals playing against you. Bitcoin is the fair game, and an easy one to play.
Bitcoin Songsheet: Altcoin Delusions And Naivete
“This one is different,” — the mantra of altcoin peddlers with delusions of grandeur.
Bitcoin Mining & The Grid (Part 1): Generators | Braiins
Energy grids and bitcoin mining are two fairly complex topics, but understanding generators is key to learning about both.

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