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May 2022 Digest

May 2022 Digest
Photo by Jievani Weerasinghe / Unsplash

Welcome to May digest! These are one of the best articles and media posts that we have found are worth reading, I'm sure there are plenty of others but these are a summary for you to munch on!

Digital Alchemy: A Post-Mortem of the Crypto Crash
I Don’t Vote, I Buy Bitcoin
Walkers change the world, Talkers simply comply by the new order.
Can Another Cryptocurrency Replace Bitcoin?
Learn why Bitcoin has been so successful since its inception and some of the key differences between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Only The Strong Survive
A Philosophical, Technical, and Economic Critique of Prospects in “Crypto” Beyond Bitcoin
Issue #1208: What you’re witnessing is the cascading of interconnected risk
It’s chaos out there!
Proof of Work is Efficient — Dan Held
Bitcoin’s energy usage is efficient
r/Superstonk - The 2022 Real Estate Collapse is going to be Worse than the 2008 One, and Nobody Knows About It - Time to Call your Mom
24,268 votes and 1,822 comments so far on Reddit
The Battle For P2SH: The Untold Story Of The First Bitcoin War
The saga of P2SH showcases Bitcoin’s unique dev community, the difficulty in making such changes and the tone for protocol debates ahead.
Currency Of Last Resort
Amid the tragedy of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Bitcoin acts as a humanitarian lifeline.

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