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Buy Bitcoin in Lebanon

Buy Bitcoin in Lebanon
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How to Buy Bitcoin in Lebanon

In Lebanon, it is challenging to purchase bitcoin using the banking system, as no card, including Fresh USD accounts or international accounts, can be used. Therefore, the most common way to buy bitcoin in Lebanon is through person-to-person (P2P) exchanges.

International P2P Exchange Platforms

You can buy bitcoin in Lebanon using international websites such as Binance p2p or Using these platforms, you can find a sell offer, initiate a transaction with the seller, and send payment via Western Union or MoneyGram. Make sure to use an escrow service to ensure the safety of your transaction.

Local Bitcoin Communities

Another P2P option is through local bitcoin communities, such as BTC Market Place On Telegram. Many traders are willing to exchange with you. Ask for the reputation of the seller within the group to avoid scams and never respond to private messages unless from a confirmed, reliable trader.

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How to Safely Trade Bitcoin P2P in Lebanon

  1. Trust your instincts - if you feel uncomfortable, do not proceed with the trade.
  2. Choose a public place for the exchange, preferably during daylight hours.
  3. If conducting a large transaction, bring someone with you or exchange smaller amounts over time.
  4. Inquire about the reputation of the person with whom you are exchanging.

Tips for using OMT for Bitcoin Transactions

  • Be cautious when exchanging with someone insisting on fast transactions or refusing to share contact information.
  • It's best to exchange phone numbers with the other party to verify their identity.
  • Build trust with the person first, and avoid dealing with large sums of money or bitcoin.
  • When using OMT, have the other party send you a picture of their receipt, so you can pick up the cash at a nearby location.
  • Always count the cash before you send your bitcoins.

Remember, these are just a few guidelines to help ensure safe trading of bitcoin in Lebanon. Always use caution and trust your instincts.

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