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Lightning for Everyone in Any App: Lightning as a Service via the Breez SDK
The Breez SDK lets devs plug Lightning into any app in hours. Welcome to Lightning as a Service.
Speculative Attack | Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
Hashrate 🚀, Courts Clear Way for Next Dominoes To Fall, and Legislative Progress For Private Keys in WY
W7 ’23 | 2.13-2.19.2023 | Issue XV
The Bitcoiner’s Dilemma 2-21-23
The Bitcoiner’s Dilemma Becoming a Bitcoiner by Dancing In The Discomfort Zone By DJ Valerie B Love - The Vibe Goddess The Freedom Journey ”How has Bitcoin changed you and your relationships”? This is a question I love to ask guests on my podcast “Bitcoin, Peace, & Music”. They share a w...
Gary Gensler on Meeting With SBF and His Crypto Crackdown
Following the Bankman-Fried debacle, SEC chief Gary Gensler is getting tough — and answering questions about his role in the mess.
Coinbase to Delist Binance USD Stablecoin Amid Regulatory Scrutiny
The announcement comes weeks after Paxos disclosed regulatory trouble that centered around the Binance-branded stablecoin.